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The Biometric Digital Identity Prism

A new paradigm for understanding the emerging digital identity ecosystem.

Shining a New Light on Digital Identity

The Biometric Digital Identity Prism is a market landscape framework from Acuity Market Intelligence and FindBiometrics. The aim of this ongoing research project is to help influencers and decision makers understand, innovate, and implement digital identity technologies and solutions. 

2023 Prism Chart Jan 2024

Where do you belong in the future of Identity?

Doug Alley

CEO, Paravision

“The Prism is an incredibly valuable new asset for the digital identity industry, allowing us to better understand our place within the broader ecosystem.”

The Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report features:

  • Evolutionary trends influencing the biometric digital identity market.

  • Strategic guidance for vendors seeking to capitalize on opportunities in the biometric identity space.

  • Key differentiators to help plan a digital identity roadmap for your organization.

  • The advanced Biometric Digital Identity Prism market landscape reference model.

  • Assessments and profiles for vendors included on the Biometric Digital Identity Prism.

Organizations are placed in one of three Prism categories:


Pulsars are the bright upstarts and pivoting legacy vendors prioritizing the crucial elements of biometric digital identity. Startups with promising technology or established names with a proven aptitude for adapting to the new identity ecosystem, Pulsars have strong potential to influence the Prism landscape.


Catalysts are established disruptors, innovators, and agents of acceleration. With high proficiency in certain areas of assessment, Catalysts are often one step away from ascending to Luminary status, whether it's through an acquisition, a technological innovation, or an injection of resources.


Luminaries are the guiding lights of their industry segment. They show the highest level of proficiency in their beam and are often responsible for setting trends in their fields.

Organizations are positioned in one of nine Prism Beams:

Click on any Beam to see the assessments for all organizations in that beam. 

Prism Beams
Refractors and the Big 3

The center of the Prism is anchored by the Big 3 of Identity IDEMIA, Thales, and NEC. These companies, due to their size, global footprint, proven expertise, partner networks, and robust portfolios, have a definitive role in the biometric digital identity landscape. This role is that of a Refractor: it is through their initiatives that the industry is viewed.

As the market evolves through acquisition, development, regulation, and innovation, the Refractor position may grow or diminish. Luminaries in Big Tech and the Identity Platform beams are best positioned to ascend to Refractor status. Meanwhile, the impending sale of IDEMIA’s identity solutions portfolio will likely shift its buyer into the center of the Prism.

New for 2024: Prism Vertical Market Reports

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