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Innovative Biometrics and The Prism with Maxine Most of Acuity Market Intelligence

Shining a New Light on Digital Identity: Password Path Dependency is Holding Biometrics Back

Identity Week America, October 2023
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Steve Craig of Peak IDV talks with Maxine Most, Founder of The Prism Project and Founder and Principal Analyst, & Chief Strategist of Acuity Market Intelligence.

Maxine is a thought leader and market visionary in the field of biometrics. Steve asked her about her company's origin story, the evolution of the biometrics market, and how her new initiative, The Prism Project, is helping solution providers accelerate the mainstream adoption of enterprise-scale, biometric-centric digital identity technology.

Anonybit Ascends to Luminary Status
November Prism Report Update
On demand live cast November 27, 2023

FindBiometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence released The 2023 Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report Q4 update in November 2023. The updated report includes some significant changes, including the upgraded status of biometric ID platform provider and newly ascended LUMINARY Anonybit.

Anonybit’s updated status reflects the living nature of the Prism research project. In this livecast, CEO and Co-founder Frances Zelazny discusses the differentiating factors and new developments that are contributing to her company’s significant position in the biometric ID platform landscape. Joined by Prism Project founders and research leads, Acuity Market Intelligence Principal  Maxine Most and Findbiometrics Chief Editor Peter Counter, the three panelists delve into the most crucial elements in biometric digital identity, offering strategic insights into what’s needed for relying parties to move beyond knowledge-based controls, cut down fraud, safely enhance user experience, and achieve what Zelazny terms the “Circle of Identity.”

Introducing The Prism Framework

Shining a New Light on Digital Identity: Password Path Dependency is Holding Biometrics Back

Identity Week America, October 2023

Acuity's Maxine Most explains why The Prism's biometric approach to digital identity is so critical to the emerging digital identity ecosystem.  Biometrics are not the next evolutionary step up from knowledge-based authentication—they represent an entirely new foundation for identity in the digital age. The evolution of digital identity will continue to be stunted so long as this fundamental mischaracterization of the relationship between biometrics and passwords persists.

Veridas Prism Promo Video
LInkedIn, October 2023

On this short LinkedIn video, SILVER SPONSOR Veridas' Head of Product Marketing, Miguel Zarraluqui López, talks about the Prism, their status as a Luminary, and one of their key distinguishing capabilities - providing an end-to-end total lifecycle approach to building a biometric identity platform. 

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