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TECH5 Revolutionizes Global Identity Management with Visa Partnership and New Biometric Technologies

March 5, 2924

TTECH5's partnership with Visa represents a significant milestone in the quest to develop secure, inclusive, and scalable identity management solutions across the globe. By combining TECH5's expertise in biometrics and digital identity with Visa's vast ecosystem, the initiative aims to create a robust foundation for digital government ecosystems. This collaboration is expected to pave the way for the implementation of digital ID-based payment infrastructures and services, marking a significant advancement in digital identity management.nt, and more.

It’s Official – authID Is Among The Leaders In Biometrics

December  8, 2023

authID gets called out in the report for our fast, friction-free user experience that provides a zero-trust approach to security. The authors recognized our value in citing “with its cloud-based biometric ID platform, authID shines bright as a Prism Catalyst, orchestrating identity while bolstering traditional security weaknesses …as a provider of end-to-end biometric digital identity that puts a premium on user experience.” 

TECH5 Listed in the Biometric Digital Identity Prism Among Biometric ID Platform Vendors as a Catalyst

October 19, 2023

TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, is recognised as an industry Catalyst – an established disruptor, innovator, and agent of acceleration – among the Biometric ID platform vendors.  

1Kosmos Named Luminary in Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report

October 19, 2023

Analysts expect 1Kosmos BlockID platform’s approach to become standard for distributed digital identity verification and passwordless MFA

AuthenticID recognized as a Luminary in 2023 Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report

October 18, 2023

AuthenticID, a global leader in identity proofing and fraud prevention solutions, has been recognized as a Luminary in the Identity Verification (IDV) beam of the 2023 Biometric Digital Identity Prism. 

FindBiometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence Designate Aware an Established Disruptor, Innovator and Agent of Acceleration in the 2023 Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report

October 17, 2023

Continuing to lead and innovate in the industry,  Aware, Inc. (NASDAQ: AWRE)  today was named an industry “Catalyst” in a new biometrics market report published by Acuity Market Research and FindBiometrics. “The Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report” chronicles evolutionary industry trends, offers key digital identity differentiators, and profiles vendors on the Biometric Digital Identity Prism.

Incode recognized as a Luminary in 2023 Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report

October 12, 2023

We’ve been named a luminary in the 2023 FindBiometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report, based on growth, proof points, unique positioning, strategy, proprietary technology and more – underscoring Incode’s core capabilities to ultimately create a world powered by trust.

Paravision Named as Luminary in the Biometric Digital Identity Prism

October 11, 2023

Paravision, a leader in Trusted Vision AI, today announced its placement in the Luminary segment within the Core Biometric Tech beam of the 2023 Biometric Digital Identity Prism. The Luminary segment is reserved for the companies with the highest level of proficiency in their beam, often responsible for setting trends in their fields.

Veridas Recognized as a Luminary in the Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report

October 10, 2023

The Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report recognizes Veridas as a Luminary in the Biometric ID Platform category, a significant advancement from our previous categorization as an IDV company. This updated categorization better reflects our core identity as a company.

Keyless Recognized in New Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report

October 3, 2023

"Our position as a Luminary vendor underscores our expertise in driving innovation and excellence. Keyless’ privacy-preserving biometric solutions have been carefully assessed and endorsed, highlighting our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of biometric authentication" - Andrea Carmignani, CEP and co-founder

iProov Named A Core Biometric Tech Leader in Acuity’s Biometric Digital Identity Report

October 2, 2023

iProov, the leading provider of facial biometrics solutions, has been named a Core Biometric Tech Leader in Acuity Market Intelligence and Findbiometrics’ new Biometric Digital Identity Report. The report, which contains evaluations for vendors in the biometric digital identity industry, aims to help influencers and decision-makers understand, innovate, and implement digital identity technologies.

FindBiometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence Launch the Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report
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October 3, 2023

FindBiometrics, the leading resource for news and analysis of the biometrics industry, and the renowned tech-focused research firm Acuity Market Intelligence have jointly published the Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report, the first entry in an ongoing research program that takes a comprehensive look at the new paradigms shaping the digital identity ecosystem.

The Biometric Digital Identity Prism by Acuity Market Intelligence and FindBiometrics
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February 27, 2023

On February 15, 2023, FindBiometrics hosted “The Road Ahead for Biometrics and Digital Identity” Virtual Summit — a full day of online panels and interview style sessions about the hottest topics and markets in the biometrics and identity industries. From healthcare and financial services, to travel and hospitality, to privacy and biometric myth-busting, our digital event is curated to educate, inform, and motivate.

It also served as the official launch of FindBiometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence’s Biometrics and Digital Identity Prism: a living document representing the digital identity market landscape.

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