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Prism Partners

Our global premier partner network

We are building a global marketing, promotion, and distribution partner network to maximize Prism visibility and impact. 

Video Content Partner

PEAK IDV produces dynamic digital video and livestream content as well as targeted real-time and virtual events for the rapidly evolving digital identity industry. PEAK IDV's EXECUTIVE SERIES highlights digital identity C-suite leaders innovators, entrepreneurs, change makers in weekly video interviews. 

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Industry Analysis Partner
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In keeping with the irresistible move to digital, the Identity Week portal infuses three channels: Security Document World, Planet Biometrics and Digital ID. Supported by our weekly newsletter, we focus on technology advances, regulation, solution integration, and applications across Travel, Finance and Banking, Government and the Public Sector in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

Podcast Partner
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FIndbiometrics, a longstanding voice in the industry, is now a fully independent media brand, pioneering new ways to raise the industry's profile while remaining dedicated to the ongoing mission of education, advocacy, and community building across the biometric digital identity ecosystem.

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